The school is opened with an idea of giving every child a technically sound education in mind for mental, physical, scientific, Spiritual and moral growth. It aims to every child fit to face the new social changes with scope of future creativity development.

Opportunities are also provided for social and personal development by a flexible, developing, learning environment organized by its professional staff.

The school aims to build upon the learning experiences which have already taken place in the home by introducing the degree of formality into the child’s play learning.

Teachers plan, organize and structure the curriculum which is based upon the practical activities and interests of the individual child. The school is connected to the promotion of the following in every child.

  1. Positive attitudes towards learning and develop good citizenship.
  2. Emotional and Social development.
  3. Mathematical and scientific development.
  4. Moral, Ethical and spiritual values and national ethos.
  5. Musical appreciation and enjoyment.
  6. Health and hygiene, Future to this school assures that every child would develop
  7. His/ Her personality and character so as to be leader in the society.
  8. All kinds of skills and knowledge.
  9. Objective outlook towards issues.
  10. All round potential and be an eclectic performer in the future career.