The school follows the CBSE curriculum and will have ten classes in this year. LKG & UKG I to X which will be upgraded to Higher Secondary Level with all required well advanced and technical fit excellent infrastructure for the facilitation of quality education.

The medium of instruction is English but very special emphasis is given to Assamese, the Mother Tongue and Hindi, the National Language. The complete curriculum consists of English, Assamese, Hindi, Social Studies, Science, Mathematics, Drawing fine arts etc. Keeping in mind of the unpardonable destruction being perpetrated on nature ecology, Environmental science has been included in the course of the study as a serious and important subject.

The school lays great stress on character formation and development of religious and ethical values which are imparted regularly to students through the teaching of moral science.

The social service league (S.S.I) actively encourages students to help generating the spirits of “Service to Humankind”.